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ReboundTAG microchip luggage tag made available worldwide !

ReboundTAG (www.reboundtag.com), a high-tech luggage tag which was initially showcased by Lufthansa at the IATA Annual General Meeting as a way of preventing lost luggage globally, will go global on the consumer market this year.


ReboundTAG is the only luggage tag ever showcased by a major airline to IATA, the international airline regulator, and has now been integrated with global baggage handling systems so that it can be used by consumers worldwide, wherever they are flying.


Developed in the UK, the pioneering tags cost £24.99 and contain two RFID (radio frequency identification) microchips. The first RFID microchip is a permanent identifier, whilst the other is programmed to take flight details whenever passengers travel through airports using microchips. ReboundTAGs are integrated with global baggage handling systems and also have a barcode and number printed on so that they work in every airport in the world.


The robust tags give travellers the reassurance of knowing that their lost bag can be identified anywhere in the world, while they are updated in real-time, and eliminate the security risks posed by traditional tags which display personal details. The ReboundTAG system sends SMS and email alerts to members as soon as their bag has been identified.  The luggage tag also stores a digital identifier (rather than the passenger’s details) securely on the microchip and barcode, ensuring their data remains anonymous.


In addition, ReboundTAG is designed so that their members can be updated even if the bag is found using the airlines' own paper bag tags; ReboundTAG has exclusive arrangements with baggage handling companies who will search the global lost luggage databases to locate bags and keep users updated when the bag is found - even if it is found using the airline's own paper tag.  This ensures ReboundTAG members are updated no matter how the bag is found, anywhere in the world.

“We have worked with airlines and airport systems developers to incorporate all of the relevant airline technologies into one tag” said CEO Max Rangeley, “we have the microchips, barcode, printed number, and also the exclusive system whereby the baggage handling company we work with will look for our members' lost bags in the global databases and update them even if it is found using the airline paper tag.”


About ReboundTAG Microchip Bag Tag


A very tough microchip luggage tag that works for an unlimited number of flights within a full year initial membership period; renewal then costs only £4.99 per year and includes unlimited updates by email and SMS if an airline loses your bag.


Also available branded with any logo.  Price: £ 24.99


For more information see  www.reboundtag.com

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