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Hi, I am Laura Penn. I have been a broadcaster on television and radio for over 30 years and for the past five years I have specialised in cruise holidays. As this is my first post for Your Holiday TV I am going to keep it really simple and just explain why cruise holidays are fabulous.


This is aimed specifically at you if you have never been on a cruise ship.  If you are an experienced cruiser there’s plenty coming up later for you.


So let's say that you are ‘cruise curious’. You quite fancy the idea but you haven’t taken that first step up the gangplank yet. There are lots of reasons why you ought to go on a cruise holiday, so I have chosen my top three:


3. Facilities on the ship.


There are lots of different ships offering a range of holiday experiences but one thing that they have in common is excellent accommodation and plenty to keep you occupied: talks, classes, games, sports, pampering, swimming, entertainment, and (of course) eating, are all available on most cruise ships. On the newer ‘theme park’ ships you can also surf, climb a rock wall, drive a dodgem car or try simulated skydiving. The only you can’t do yet on a cruise ship is ski - but it won’t be long as a ship will soon be launching equipped with a huge dry ski slope on top deck!


2. Places to visit around the world.


If somewhere has a port you can sail to it on a ship. Popular itineraries for cruises include the Mediterranean Sea, Alaska, Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, Canaries and Scandinavia. But if you fancy something different how about South Korea, Siberia or Sir Bani Yas (look it up). So, if there is somewhere on the planet that is on your bucket list of places to see, why not do it in style and comfort on a cruise ship? Just think; you can visit different places but only have to unpack once.


1. My numero uno reason to take a cruise holiday is value for money.


There are an extraordinary number of things that are included in the price of your cruise: accommodation, all the ship facilities, all meals and any  entertainment. Plus all the places that you are going to see! If you compared it with a stay in an equivalent hotel and added all the extras from ice creams to dinners and discos you will find that a cruise wins when it comes to getting more for your holiday buck.


There is one further point that is vital - you must choose your cruise very carefully. There are lots of ships out there offering very different experiences and I don’t want you take the wrong one. I always advise booking with a travel agent who is an expert in cruise holidays. I will have more advice and tips on choosing the right cruise at www.YourHolidayTV.com




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