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CABIN 1    



CABIN 1 is the world’s first carry-on luggage bag that is suitable for all airline baggage restrictions for cabin luggage.


Cabin 1 are unique luggage bags which expands 4 ways to form 5 common airline carry-on limit measurements including 55x40x20cm, 50x40x20cm & 56x40x20cm (21x16x8″, 20x16x8″ & 22x16x8″) along with 5 different compartments on the top, the side and the front which simply unzip to expand the capacity of the bag.


There are three bags within the innovative range;





The Aerolite Cabin 1 range is the premium flagship version of the Cabin 1 product offering, and features an attractive trolley system with push-release button, and popular high-end Aerolite material to make this bag ideal for business and leisure.




The Cabin 1 Trolley Bag features the unique Cabin1 design in our most popular style of bag, ensuring that this item will be the must-have piece of luggage in 2015. It features a single trolley handle to make travelling through the airport a breeze.




Our Cabin 1 backpack range offers a comfortable way to carry your carry-on luggage from your home to your hotel, featuring large padded straps and back padding, you’ll hardly notice you’re even wearing a backpack




Benefits of the Cabin 1 luggage range;


•Carry the maximum with you on any flight, with any airline.

•You’ll just need ONE bag for all your travelling

•Removes the stress from flying

•Always carry your bag with you on-board


Cabin 1 is created and manufactured by leading UK luggage company, USB International who have become well known for innovative products that stand out in the market place, yet still hit the main criteria of today's modern traveller -lightweight, correct size, right quality and excellent value for money.


To learn more or to BUY YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTED BAG, visit www.cabin-1.com


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